Bammstella Creations’ Get Published Webinars

Interested in getting your story, manuscript or idea published?

Bammstella Creations offers the following webinar courses to help you understand the publishing process and what it takes to get a book published:

BAMM101 THE BOOK PUBLISHING INDUSTRY –  So you have a book idea and you want to know where to begin. This is the course for you! Understand the different genres of books and various channels where books are sold.  You will also understand the difference between traditional publishing vs. self publishing. You will be able to assess if you are ready to take the next step in getting your book published.  (60 minutes Fee: $60 including GST)   DATES – TBA

BAMM102 THE TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING PROCESS – Learn the steps you need to take in order to submit a proper manuscript proposal that will get a traditional publisher’s attention and increase the chance of getting your manuscript published. (60 minutes Fee: $60 including GST)   DATES – TBA

BAMM103 SELF PUBLISHING – This course will explain the self-publishing process. This is a very conceptually intensive webinar as it will explain what it takes to be an author and publisher of your book. At the end of the webinar, you will know whether you want to continue and get your book published via self publishing or go back to the drawing board. (75 minutes Fee: $75 including GST)  DATES – TBA


If you are ready to publish your book and want to hire our expertise,  see our publishing services page for more information or contact us at (778) 847-5542 , to learn about our “just right” fees.